Water Jet Cutting Services

At B & G Tool, we provide high quality water jet cutting for a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, defense and many more. Our facility is equipped with a 48 in by 48 in flow water jet machine capable of cutting to 2 axis.

Capabilities and Materials
B & G Tool provides water jet cutting services on materials such as Inconel®, Maraging, MP-159, tool steels, aluminum and plastic materials. The maximum part size for water jet cutting is 3 in thick, 48 in. in length, and 48 in wide, manufactured to tolerances of ±.005 in and a good quality edge finish of 4.

water.jet.pipe.sampleSpecialists in Prototyping
Our facility is a production shop geared for small runs, prototype, and low volume. Lead times are quoted on a job by job basis with rush services available. Also our facility is capable of providing testing, inspections, prototyping, tool history documentation, and technical support when needed.

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