Ratchet Gear for Manufacturing Industry


Where to custom fabricate a ratchet gear for a large press, that was a larger size than normal gears? B&G Tool provided the solution.

Following the customer’s specs in their 2D CAD documents, we manipulated 4140 steel into the specified geometries employing our CNC turning, CNC milling and wire cutting equipment.

A number of advanced processes were employed for production including precision milling and turning, with wire cutting being used to create the gear’s teeth, all to tolerances of ±0.002 in . Parts were heat treated for increased strength and wear resistance, and finished turned as specified.

The end product was a ratchet gear measuring 26 inches in diameter, with a ground finish. Inspections to ensure complete accuracy were implemented via hand tool.

We welcome the opportunity to complete standard or custom manufacturing requirements, including highly specialized production projects.

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