Form Die for Automotive Industry


The production of intricate angled bend dies, with compound angles and multi-planed surfaces, is our specialty at B&G Tool. Our expertise in this area provided a solution for the project described here. We were contracted by a customer in the automotive industry for the specialty production of a form die.

The die was a forging tool to be used by the customer. H13 tool steel was selected for construction, and B&G’s CNC turning and CNC milling equipment were utilized for the precision machining techniques necessary to accomplish the customer specified configurations. The tightest tolerance of ±.001 inch was achieved during the manufacturing of this 6 inch diameter part. A heat treatment was performed in order to meet the necessary material performance parameters.

The form die exhibited an overall ground finish, with a milled finish used for the pocket area. In-process and post-production testing and inspections were carried out for ensured quality, employing hand and machine testing methods.

4 form dies were produced for this project, on-time, and shipped to the customer as they expected.

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